Postgraduate Certificate in SDM Course in Structural Diagnosis and Management (PGC-SDM) of Musculoskeletal Medicine (Lumbar Spine Module)

Postgraduate Certificate in SDM

» The Certificate Course is provided by Dr. M Shahadat Hossain and module leaders of Bangladesh Institute of Manual Therapy and Research (BIMTR)

» Certificate is provided by Dhaka College of Physiotherapy (DCPT), affiliated college of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Dhaka. 

Purpose of the Course:

  1. More than 10-15% of Bangladeshi population is suffering for Pain, Arthritis, Paralysis and Disability.
  2. There are nearly 3000 graduate Physiotherapists in Bangladesh and they need post-graduate certificate training  to serve the population.
  3. Our purpose is to promote skill based education and research in Manual and Manipulative Therapy in SDM Approach.

Objectives of the program:

  1. To educate on evidence based manual and manipulative therapy to Physiotherapy professionals
  2. To promote scientific based module in the filed on non-operative managemnt of Pain, Arthritis and Paralysis sufferers
  3. To develop clinical research in manual and manipulation therapy
  4. To produce skilled physiotherapy professionals serving through manual and manipulative therapy in SDM Approach.

Beneficiary of the Program:

The primary benificiary of the program are- 

  • Graduate Physiotherapy professionals having 5 years bachelor degree in Physiotherapy from Public University

The secondary benificiary of the program are-

  • 10-15 percent of Bangladeshi population having any musculoskeletal pain, arthritis and/or paralysis

Course Outline:

Total duration: 4 weeks

Method of teaching: Hybrid (Online and offline class)

Class Schedule:

Offline Class: Thursday 2PM to 6PM, Friday 9 AM to 6PM

Online Class and Case Assignment: Saturday to Wednesday

The participants have to complete 10 case study on SDM, 2 case reports and 8 case reports after completion of the course.

Module description:

WeekModuleLecture hour
Week 1 Day 1-3M-I: Clinical Anatomy and NeuroscienceDirect lecture: 4 hours
Week 1 Day 4-6M-II: Spine BiomechanicsDirect lecture: 4 hours Collaborative lecture session: 2 hrs 
Week 2 Day 1-3M-III: Clinical Radiology & ImagingDirect lecture: 2 hours
Week 2 Day 4-6M-IV: Fundamental Concept of SDMDirect lecture: 4 hours  Collaborative lecture session: 4 hrs 
Week 3 Day 6M-V: SDM AssessmentDirect lecture: 4 hours Collaborative lecture session: 4 hrs
Week 3 Day 5- 6M-VI: Practical session on assessmentPractical session: 10 hours  
Week 3 Day 7M- VII: Clinical Reasoning and Decision MakingDirect lecture: 2 hours Collaborative lecture session: 2 hrs 
Week 4 Day 6M- VIII: Diagnosis of Lumbar DysfunctionsPractical session: 10 hours  
Week 4 Day 7M- IX: Treatment of Lumbar Spine in SDMPractical session: 10 hours  
Week 4 Day 6M-X: Putting practice as EvidenceDirect lecture: 2 hours Collaborative lecture session: 2 hrs
Week 4 Day 7ExamWritten, Practical and Viva-voice

Eligibility of the Course:

  • Entry requirements:
  • Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy from reputed university.  
  • Seats: 30 Seats per batch
  • Course fee: 5000 BDT 
  • Application process: Application through email

Module Faculty:

Dr. M Shahdat Hossain, BScPT, MScPT (BHPI-DU), Ph. D. (Fellow, JU)

and 5 distinguished faculties of Structural Diagnosis and Management (SDM) Concept

Contact for Admission and Details:

Arif Hossain

Cell: 01615 45 15 27


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Postgraduate Certificate in SDM

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