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Agrani Specialized Physiotherapy Centre (ASPC) started its journey in 2006 at Tangail; the founder CEO Dr. M. Shahadat Hossain aimed to reach the standard physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to the marginalized people. A few months’ successful reaching to the Tangail community encouraged Dr. M. Shahadat Hossain and Dr. Sapia Akter, the co-founder to set up a specialized center in the heart of Dhaka.

The city center of ASPC in Mohammadpur started operation on a limited scale at the end of 2006. Serving as Physiotherapist at Lion’s Hospital and Head of Physiotherapy department at Popular Medical College Hospital made the fame of skilled practice of Dr. M. Shahadat Hossain throughout Bangladesh. Besides clinical practice, Dr. M. Shahadat Hossain and Dr. Sapia Akter made their successful presence in television programs and was recognized as a national icon in Physiotherapy.

In 2015, ASPC started serving in a multi-stored new building at Noorjahan road with indoor facilities, the second home near the old one. From 2018, the patient satisfaction of ASPC started towards a rapid rise and the center become a reliable cost-effective physiotherapy treatment center. Dr. M. Shahadat Hossain started a social awareness of manual therapy through his YouTube and Facebook Channel as part of social responsibility and that made him a celebrity of Physiotherapy in Bangladesh.

The core principle of ASPC is to serve the clients with utmost care protocol that enhances an effective and quicker recovery of patients with pain, arthritis, and paralysis. Dr. M. Shahadat Hossain is the founder and conceptual inventor of Structural Diagnosis and Management of Musculoskeletal Medicine, a structured manual therapy approach. Structural diagnosis and management (SDM) are a comprehensive approach to conservative management in musculoskeletal medicine that is applied through a biomechanical correction to soft tissues to enhance maximum functioning.

Fundamentals of the approach concentrate on sequels of muscular, neurological, and arthrokinemetic and/or osteokinemetic evaluation for diagnosing musculoskeletal dysfunctions. In Dr. M. Shahadat Hossain’s manual therapy approach, muscular evaluation examines the stretched tissues and weak structures to improve flexibility to stretched muscles and/or soft tissues and subsequently strengthening and/or stabilizing the weak structures. He also performs a neurological examination to assess for the cord or dural compression, root compression, and specific neural compression and/or sensitivity and function. The movement examination focuses on the quality of movement and uninterrupted functions in daily living and livelihood activities.

The Assessment of Dr. M. Shahadat Hossain is unique in creating a positive environment to enhance recovery rather than treating musculoskeletal dysfunctions. The patients of ASPC are consulted by Dr. M. Shahadat Hossain and Dr. Sapia Akter and treated through a manual therapy approach by a team of skilled physiotherapists.

Dr. M. Shahadat Hossain also established the Institute of Bangladesh Institute of Manual Therapy and Research (BIMTR). The institute is promoting professional training on musculoskeletal assessment and practice in the SDM concept. Besides the professional promotion, BIMTR is working on clinical research and protocol development parallelly.

ASPC recently introduced the outdoor service(OPD) for the poor and needy people. This service is open every working day and continues regular consultancy. Skilled and experienced specialists and clinicians are engaged in the service. Here we are providing the management of neck & back, stroke & neurological treatment and rehabilitation, women’s health care, Arthritis and Orthopedic management, and telerehabilitation. So we cordially invite patients to our center.

As a member of 80 staff’s family, ASPC is one of the largest growing physiotherapy and rehabilitation center in Bangladesh. The center is achieving 95% of achievement of patients’ aim in 10-15 days of in-patient services. The outpatient facilities serve more than 150 sessions a day, with an average of 15-20 therapy sessions for each patient. The unique outcome of ASPC is serving with excellence that the clients can achieve the recovery of their impairments within the quickest possible time, making the service as outmost cost-effective supported by scientific evidence.

Shortly Dr. M. Shahadat Hossain and Dr. Sapia Akter are planning to contribute to quality education in Bangladesh. They are continuing their clinical contribution with a fragrance of quality care and branding of Physiotherapy services in Bangladesh.

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alid shaikh
alid shaikh
9. June, 2024.
Interested in this therapy
মেসার্স রাজু ইন্টারন্যাশনাল
মেসার্স রাজু ইন্টারন্যাশনাল
31. May, 2024.
very good treatment
Omer Sakib
Omer Sakib
23. May, 2024.
Very detailed and has strong idea of identifying the actual problem. The therapist are very decent.
md Zahirul Islam
md Zahirul Islam
23. May, 2024.
Khub valo service. Ami sompurno sustho hoisi. Shhadat sir khub antorik manush.
30. April, 2024.
আমি কোমরে ডিস্ক প্রলাপ্পে ১৫ দিন যাবত বুগতেচিলাম। এখন পুরপুরি ভাল। ASPC এর সবার জন্য মনগল কামনা করি।
Mohinu Dheen
Mohinu Dheen
29. April, 2024.
Alhamdulillah ami 7 maser besi somoy dhore PLID te vugtesilam, shahadat sir er eikhane therapy niye onk sustho. 😍
Abdur Rahim
Abdur Rahim
22. April, 2024.
Alhamdulillah I’ve taken 7 days treatment in ASPC for PLID. I am completely fine now. I’m so grateful to Dr. Shahadat Hossain coz he has helped me to recover from this disease.
Adnan Hasan
Adnan Hasan
3. April, 2024.
আলহামদুলিল্লাহ! ASPC. সেন্টারে এসে আমি মাত্র ১২ দিন থেরাপি নেওয়ার মাধ্যমে আমার PLID ৯০%ভালো হয়ে গেছে। আমি একটা সময় হাটতে ও বসতে পারতাম না। এখন আল্লাহর রহমতে আর ASPC সেন্টারের বদৌলতে এখন আমি হাটতে এবং বসতে পারি। ডাক্তার এবং এখান্ কার স্টাফ সবাই খুবই আন্তরিক।
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