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5 years Bachelor’s degree holders are entitled to “Physiotherapists” according to BRC Act 2018. Physiotherapists are independent health professional to diagnose and treat problems related to musculoskeletal pain, arthritic impairment, neurological disabilities, and many more sub-specialties. Dr. M Shahdat Hossain is the pioneer in manual therapy practice in Bangladesh; he is serving thousands of patients through ASPC Manipulation Therapy Centre.

A Physiotherapy Centre must be consulted by a “Physiotherapist” holding 5 years Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy. ASPC manipulation Therapy Centre is a center of excellence in serving patients with disc prolapse, musculoskeletal pain, arthritis, and paralysis led by Dr. M Shahadat Hossain and his team.

Physiotherapy is a considered non-operative gold standard treatment of lumbar or spinal disc prolapsed. Manual therapy, manipulation therapy, and Physiotherapist guided exercise improves the biomechanics of the spine, reduce pressure on the disc and improve function and cures disability induced by disc herniation. Structural Diagnosis and Management Concept by Dr. M Shahdat Hossain explains the cost-effective manual therapy for Lumbar disc herniation.

Manual Therapy is a branch of Physiotherapy, a modern science-based approach to treat musculoskeletal or neurological problems related to movement and function. This is a safe approach and has no side-effect. Treating patients with manual therapy and manipulative therapy is the specialty of the ASPC Manipulation Therapy Centre.

For one of the best physiotherapy and manual therapy treatment for back and neck pain, the ASPC Manipulation therapy center is a trusted center. You can take an appointment with a phone call or through the website.

Home exercises for knee pain, neck and back pain must be prescribed by a graduate physiotherapist. ASPC Manipulation therapy centers have telerehabilitation services to guide exercises for these patients.

SDM stands for Structural Diagnosis and Management, a manual therapy approach by Dr. M Shahadat Hossain. It examines you in standing, sitting, and lying through specialized validated assessments and plans for a comprehensive goal for your quick recovery.


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