Arthritis Centre is an advanced and popular unit of ASPC Manipulation therapy center. In the center, we treat various patients with disorders of muscles, joint, ligaments, meniscus, synovial capsule, and associate structure.

Our management protocol is the scientific driven assessment of every patient individually and management non-operative method according to the assessment process. Our assessment examines all aspect of anatomy, biomechanics, and pathophysiology and underlines problems related to function.

We treat patients’ arthritic conditions through manual therapy and structural diagnosis and management in shoulder pain, knee pain, elbow pain heel pain and all other painful conditions in peripheral joints.

Why we are different?

As an experienced clinician, academic, and researcher Dr. M Shahadat Hossain and his team are dedicated to inventing scientifically effective evidence base protocols for treating arthritic conditions. The structural diagnosis and management approach is a newly introduced treatment of musculoskeletal medicine that is not only but also takes less time for recovery than the other approaches.

We have a body of specialists from different ranges every patient a multidisciplinary team approach that enables efficient a complete recovery. On the first day, we assess a patient, document them, and perform evolution in a regular interval until the complete recovery.

When you come to the ASPC Manipulation therapy center, we are caring through consultation by consultant physiotherapy professionals who have the minimum master’s degree in physiotherapy and have more than 10-year experience. And you are treated by 80 clinicians who are well trained and regularly monitored.

Condition we treat

How we treat

The Arthritis Center of ASPC Manipulation therapy has a broad range of specialist coverage not only physiotherapists but also work with Orthopaedic surgeon, Rheumatologist, medicine, and others sub-specialist to provide the best possible care to you.

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