Woman’s Health Centre of ASPC Manipulation therapy center is exclusive and a brand for women’s health care in Dhaka City. It provides non-operative exercise therapy for urinary incontinence, uterine prolapse, and pre-post pregnancy musculoskeletal complications in a world-class manner.

Our management protocol is a scientific driven assessment of every patient individually and management in the non-operative method according to the assessment process. As Gynaecological Physiotherapy and Women’s health is one of the neglected fields in our country, we try to maintain the assessment that is provided through scholarly scientific papers and examine all aspects of anatomy, biomechanics, and pathophysiology and underlines problems related to function.

We treat Women’s health conditions through manual therapy, exercise, patient education, pharmacotherapy, and different combined approaches to ensure a better pregnancy and women’s health care in the heart of Dhaka city.

Why we are different?

We have experienced clinicians and researchers in Women’s health who have post-graduate degrees in Physiotherapy and can consult the patient through scientifically effective evidence-based protocols.

As well as we know, before pregnancy and after pregnancy there is a high risk of developing musculoskeletal problems for example low back pain, muscle pain, muscle cramps, and other issues. So before childbirth and after childbirth if you receive exercise s as physiotherapy so the normal delivery will be enhanced and there will be less risk of any complications. In elderly women, uterine prolapse, urinary incontinence is a common problem.

But there is a social stigma in these regards. Exercise can help by strengthening the pelvic floor and core muscles that lift the bladder and uterus that improves urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse. Even though there is surgery, pre and post-surgical physiotherapy are needed to ensure the highest efficacy of surgery. 

Condition we treat

How we treat

The Gynaecology and Women’s Health Centre of ASPC Manipulation therapy has a broad range of specialist coverage not only physiotherapists but also work with Gynecological surgeons to provide quality care in women’s health issues.

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